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Inspired ownership that results in inspired yoga instructors. Anna and Brad are absolutely loving souls who care for and nurture each and everyone of us equally. The two of them are truly enlightened souls who are giving back to the whole Bodhi Yoga membership. In that sense they are Avatars turning back to lift us up. I have had several moments of gratitude for the grace of love they share. Along with this have been many moments of tears in class. Additionally, it seems as if each of the many instructors at Bodhi Yoga has been selected for some gift they have been divinely given to share with us. Daily, each instructor has some special understanding of yoga they naturally give freely in class. Being at Bodhi yoga on a daily basis is a blessing in the highest sense. Namaste …..Joe Longton


“Thanks to all of you amazing instructors at Bodhi Yoga… You really make a change in many peoples lives and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you showing up each class, spreading your positive energy and light while encouraging people to open up and let it all out, then start to work on getting stronger, healthier and happier each and every class. THANK YOU!”


The schedule is convenient, instructors are wonderful & my yoga practice has had a positive impact physically & mentally. The quality of instruction & support is excellent, the owners & instructors are friendly & upbeat & the facilities are good.”What I’ve learned the most from Anna McNallie this summer. It fills you up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“I just wanted to thank you Brad Offutt and all the other great instructors at Bodhi Yoga for showing up to class and inspire me each and every time! You are all divine!”


The sense of community, loving fun enviroment and great teachers


Bodhi Yoga’s teacher training is a comprehensive program for aspiring teachers, experience teachers or yoga students who want to deepen their understanding of yoga. This training is based upon the teachings of Baron Baptiste and Baptiste Yoga. Integrating all aspects of yoga you will learn how to skillfully integrate technical knowledge, radiate your authenticity, and develop your own unique teaching style. The intensive nature of the training is designed specifically to take you out of what you already know and create space for new possibilities. This training is practical and the results are immediate as the process is completely based in the present moment. Open to the next level excavating practices, group processes and self-inquiry.
Price: $3,290 or $800 per module.
Member Tuition: $3,023
Early Bird*: $2,950
Early Bird Member*: $2,683

*Early Bird if paid in FULL by July 31, 2014

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